Check out these helpful websites:  (Minnehaha Conservation District)

Minnehaha Conservation District was created in 1941 to administer soil, water, and related resource conservation within the boundaries of Minnehaha County in southeastern South Dakota. Learn more about the products and services that they offer.

iGrow (A Service of SDSU Extension)

iGrow is the teaching platform used by SDSU Extension to assure state of the art program delivery. Each week, SDSU Extension staff and partners publish the latest information to the communities within 4-H & Youth, Livestock, Agronomy, Healthy Families, Community Development and Gardens. View the Our Experts page to access staff contact information, biographies and links to their most recent content.

South Dakota Department of Agriculture / Conservation-Forestry (John Ball Updates) 

John Ball, Forest Health Specialist SD Department of Agriculture writes this newsletter on the health of trees and forests in South Dakota. Be sure to check back often for his regular updates.